File formats


The purpose of the file database is to have a central location where developers and end-users can get links to official specifications to several file formats, where they can submit new file format specifications, as well as retrieve the latest magic database, as used by Optima SC's Inc. file identifier.

To get general file format specifications, please take a look at other file format sites, as this is not the goal of this site.

Standard file formats

Gives information on standardized file formats, as well as links to their specifications when available.

Creating new file formats

Tips on how to create and design new file formats. This is the place to go if you are thinking of creating a new file format.

Magic database

The magic database was developed to be used with Optima SC's freeware command line file identifier. It ressembles closely magic(5) for file identification, but contains more features. It can also be used for other purposes , its format is quite simple. For more information on the format of the database, or the freeware file identifier, visit the official web page here.


The magic databases can be used free of charge for personal use, and in association with open source or freely available file identifier software. Usage of the database in commercial file identifier applications are not allowed, please contact the database maintainer for more information.


This is where the databases for several different file identification applications can be downloaded. Main support will be with Optima SC's Inc. file identifier, as well with linux'es file identifier

magic file for Optima SC's file identifier: magic.db (updated 2005-03-29) Changes

Registered file formats

Gives information on the file formats recognized by the file identifier tool, as well as unique FID's

Submitting new files

Information on how to submit a new file format to the file format database.


Links, bibliographic references and general information that might be useful for file formats.

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